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  • salmonid
    A fish of the Salmonidae family (salmon, trout, char, whitefish and related species). Often used in a narrow sense to refer to Pacific salmon and trout.

  • scouring
    Removal of underwater material by waves and currents, especially at the base of a shore or slope.

  • sediment
    Fine particles of material carried in suspension in water - which will ultimately settle to the bottom, as water velocity decreases. In streams, usually composed of inorganic and organic matter.

  • sedimentation
    The process where material carried in suspension in water, settles out.

  • semelparity
    Reproducing only once in a lifetime. e.g. Pacific salmon.

  • SEP
    "Salmon Enhancement Program" Fisheries and Oceans Canada launched the Salmon Enhancement Program (SEP) in 1977. The program is a partnership between citizen volunteers and the federal government in carrying out salmonid enhancement and water stewardship projects throughout the Pacific Region. Today, community groups, clubs, schools and individuals operate about 300 projects involving more than 10,000 volunteers. Local communities and Native bands operate an additional 21 community-based projects. There are four types of projects: Community Economic Development Program (CEDP), Public Involvement Program (PIP), Streamkeepers, and School Projects.

  • smelt
    A type of small salt water fish.

  • smolt
    A juvenile anadromous fish that has undergone physical changes to prepare for life in salt water.

  • snag
    A dead tree which is still standing. Snags provide roosting sites for raptors, nest holes for birds and small mammals.

  • spawn
    (1) To produce or deposit eggs or sperm, usually referring to aquatic organisms.
    (2) The eggs of fish or other oviparous animals.

  • spawner
    (1) A fish which is ready to reproduce.
    (2) A salmon which has undergone physical changes in order to reproduce (spawn).

  • spawning habitat
    Parts of a stream or lake that provide suitable areas for fish to spawn, usually gravel beds.

  • SPCA
    "Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals".

  • stakeholder
    A person who has an interest in or responsibility towards some thing, place, or idea.

  • steelhead
    An anadromous trout.

  • stewardship
    The practise of managing or looking after the well being of something.

  • storm drain
    An opening into the underground storm water pipe system.

  • storm sewer
    An underground water pipe system which carries rain water runoff. Storm sewers usually discharge into streams, rivers or other water channels.

  • Streamkeepers
    (1) A Fisheries and Oceans Canada Program.
    (2) Volunteers or volunteer groups which focus on protection, preservation and rehabilitation of streams, rivers and entire watersheds in accordance with Fisheries and Oceans Canada's Streamkeeper Program.